What is Pavé Jewelry anyway?

What is Pavé Jewelry anyway?


Fashion insiders everywhere are talking about pavé Jewelry being the newest trend for 2016. The Pave Trend is broadly sweeping across the fashion world! Recent shows in Paris and New York have highlighted pave Jewelry on their models. What is pavé anyway? The term pave is derived from the French word for cobbled road, (pave). For instance “Les rues étaient pavées” or “The streets were cobbled”.

Pave, or pave actually describes the way stones are set, not the type of stones in the setting itself pave settings are set extremely close together so that the surface looks to be “paved” with stones. Instead of seeing the metal itself you see the brilliant sparkle of the stones set in the metal. This technique is often used on rings, and earrings. So if you are looking for that little extra bit of sparkle in your wardrobe, you might consider something with pave crystals.

There are several ways of setting pave stones. Traditionally, in items such as rings, many stones of varying sizes and shapes are set into the shank of the ring so they are almost touching and cover much of the surface. The jeweler can use a mix of smaller stones that were otherwise unusable for this technique. The other technique, called micro pave, jewelers will use even smaller, but more uniformly shaped stones. This technique requires the use of a microscope to accurately set them. Micropave is often used in earrings and can be seen in several pave earrings we have made.

Often larger semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, sapphire, and are highlighted by surrounding them in a setting of pave crystals and then turned into earrings, pendants, or rings.

Why not get ahead of the trend, and be the first of your friends with some of this jewelry? Click any of the images in this post to view our shop and see what pave offerings Hidden Jewel of the South End, have to offer to update your jewelry collection!

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Jack Connolly

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Jack Connolly

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Jack Connolly

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