Jewelry Repair Services

Hidden Jewel - Your Full Service Boston Jeweler

The pieces you own are not just beautiful, but they are a part of you. They may have sentimental value, help to tell the story of your family, or your love. Not all pieces need to be priceless heirlooms, to have value to you! For everything your pieces mean to you, we offer services to keep your jewelry lasting and beautify for a lifetime.

Here are a sampling of the services we offer in store:

Watches  Battery replacements $25
Sizing $10

Resize Rings

Simple ring stretch without stones $25
increase more than 1 size, or decrease $50 and up
With stones $75 and up

Chain Repair

Simple solder /silver or gold thin chain

thicker or more difficult $50 and up
Bracelet (not incl. clasp) $20
Bracelet double (not incl. clasp) $30
Necklace (not incl. clasp) $30
Pearls priced per knot, (not incl. clasp) $1