Years ago, Stacy could often be found  crocheting bags and scarfs at home providing useful "therapy" for a stressful job in the mental health field.

Subsequently, at a jewelry-making class, Jack and Stacy each discovered their passion for creating hand made jewelry As a result, they began crocheting necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and more. Jack expanded their mutual skills after attending a  wire bangle class.  He started designing  jewelry using wire, silver, gold and stones of all shapes and sizes.,  Jack could be found indulging his new passion during his spare time from his full-time career. 

Today, Hidden Jewel of the South End is the setting for our family's ever-expanding, creative collaborations. Here, we love to share our jewerly-making passion with our long time loyal customers as well as our new customers. We continue to expand our ever-changing, eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces that we design and hand-craft. 

Each week at Hidden Jewel of the South End, you can see and shop a shimmering array of contemporary jewelryfrom a blue-glass crocheted bracelet to cufflinks created from the inside of a fine watch to a clasp-free long necklace of fresh water pearlscreated by us, or by invited independent jewelry artists. Lining our shelves, you  will find a rich abundance of tantalizing materialsfrom semi-precious stones, crystals, and seed beads, to pearls of every kind and colorwhich you can use to produce original designs or we can craft into individual creations for you.

Our goal at Hidden Jewel of the South End is to empower you to experiment with, develop and realize your unique vision. Nothing makes us happier than when we're creating, customizing, and collaborating with you. 

 Come visit our store and be enticed by our stunning pieces.  Examine our online shopping offerings. Sgn-up for one of our fun hands-on classes .Have us host a gathering of friends or co-workers for  child / adult parties.  Develop your talents, hone your skills, create your own signature pieces, collaborate with us and join our growing Hidden Jewel community where the only limit is your own imagination....

--Stacy & Jack Connolly 

Enjoy an article about the store posted in Boston Voyager: http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/meet-stacy-jack-connolly-hidden-jewel-south-end-south-end/