Yoga Lady Gemstone Carving, Goddess


This is one beautiful gemstone hand carved Yoga Lady. Each carving is slightly different since they are done by hand, out of a single piece of stone. Please be aware that this is a natural product. Natural stones and crystals have small blemishes and imperfections making each stone a one of a kind purchase! Make sure to review the measurements and view all the photos before making a purchase.

Stones available are Pyrite, Clear quartz, Aura Quartz, and Amethyst!

Size is around 3" tall X 2" wide

Healing Properties:

Amethyst is said to have many healing properties. Mainly, Amethyst is said to have a protective bubble of light that is activated when one holds or wears this stone, and is used to protect one from thieves, and protect travelers. Also, amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.

Physical: A “master healer” of all stones, bringing harmony and balance to the body. It does this by cleanses the immune system and removes toxins.
Emotional: Helps to heal the emotional body and to strengthen one’s feelings.
Spiritual: Provides a boost to one’s clarity, and helps one to communicate with their spiritual guide.

Pyrite Key words: Masculine energy, manifestation, action, Vitality, willpower, creativity, & confidence.

Chakra: Solar plexus (3rd)

Element: Earth 
Physical: Pyrite has been know to support male reproductive health, and to aid in one fighting an infection. 
Emotional: Pyrite also encourage one to master fear and taking assertiveness action in their lives. 
Spiritual: Pyrite promotes a positive attitude in one self and a strong resolve, and to banishes negativity in ones life.

All metaphysical information provided by Hidden Jewel of the South End about gemstones / crystals is solely for spiritual purposes and should not be used for medical advice or treatment. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for any medical concerns you may have.

► All of Jewelry and healing gemstones are carefully packaged for a speedy and safe arrival and is packaged in a gift box tied with a ribbon. all our items are packaged nicely but if you would like to send as a gift, please leave us a note if you want it gift wrapped and with a card!

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