Up-Cycling your Jewelry Class


Up-Cycling Jewelry Class!

Is your jewelry box full of stuff you never wear? Let's do some re-purposing and create jewelry that is both modern and wearable. Transform an outdated necklace into a bracelet and earrings, or a new necklace. Learn basic beading and wire working skills so you can raid the jewelry box and start making your own creations & gifts going forward. Additional supplies available a la carte. *Remember to bring a necklace/bracelet you're ready to cut up and change into something shiny and new!  Do you have Grandma's bracelet sitting in a drawer? Now's the time to bring it in, and let’s get Stringing! 

                                     All classes run from 6:30pm to 9pm

 Instructor: Stacy Connolly, class fee: $45 plus any materials you need.   Materials that are included are stringing wire and earring findings. Gems and Beads not included with this class.