Tiffany Stone Crocheted purple necklace with a sterling sugilite bezel pendant


This stunning necklace was inspired by the gorgeous Sugilite gemstone centerpiece we found and captured in a hand forged custom sterling silver bezel surround setting. Crocheting is a specialty that Stacy is passionate about, so she decided to crotchet the necklace component. The necklace consists of hundreds of tiny faceted "tiffany stone" stones crocheted into a rope. The necklace measures 18 inches long and is finished with a sterling silver custom made box clasp with a square amethyst bezel set into the the top. This is a one of a kind necklace and will not be replicated. We also found a rare beautiful sample of sugilite that Jack made into a sterling silver pendant with bail. The pendant hangs an additional 1.5 inches down. On the back of the sugilite pendant Jack added a sterling silver butterfly shape that he cut out and stamped with out hallmark and 925 to indicate it is sterling silver. Sugilite also is a rare pink to purple cyclosilicate mineral. It was first discovered in 1944 by the Japanese rock hound Ken-ichi Sugi. This extraordinary mineral is a byproduct of manganese mines. Sugilite is rare pink to purple mineral that in gem quality is currently only found in a single mine in Northern Cape Province, South Africa. The most valuable Sugilite cabochon stone is translucent. ►Metaphysical Properties This rare violet stone is often referred to as the love stone. Sugilite can protect you by absorbing anger and unwanted energies. This stone is wonderful at alleviating depression, and can bring peace of mind, well being, and spiritual love to you. This crystal can help healers gently draw out pain, stress, and emotional blocks. Sugilite is known to have healing properties for the heart, as well as a grounding stone. This is said to be a good stone to have with you to make you strong and courageous in the face of rejections, disappointments, and heartbreaks Tiffany stone is a rare material. It is mined at only one location in the world - the Brush Wellman beryllium mine, at Spor Mountain, western Utah. It occurs there as nodules that are part of the beryllium ore produced at the mine. Most of the tiffany is ground up and destroyed to produce the beryllium. The miner there, has a daughter named Tiffany who the stone was likely named after. The nodules typically contain between one and two percent beryllium by weight.

►Handcrafted in our shop in the South End, Boston Massachusetts.