Shoyeido Natural Jewel Incense


Shoyeido Natural Jewel Incense is another amazing line from our favorite incense company. Shoyeido incense is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth. Because of this, Shoyeido Natural Incense is the preferred incense in most temples in Japan. As a result, their "master" incense makers have been making incense for over 12 generations of the Hata family!

 Because we recognize and respect this amazing accomplishment that's why we only stock Shoyeido at Hidden Jewel.

Jewel Incense line:

The eight scents in the Shoyeido Natural Jewel Incense incense line are best sellers for a good reason. This is because, simply put, they are all wonderful fragrances! 

  • Diamond: The alluring natural aromas of frankincense, sandalwood, cinnamon, and accentuating spices. Because of this, Diamond, is one of the most enduringly popular offerings.
  • Ruby: Cultivate a cozy aura of peace and well-being any time with Ruby's velvety infusion of cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Emerald: The decorous perfume of fine sandalwood is central to Emerald's refreshingly arboreal aroma. Additional notes of cinnamon, clove, and select spices further enhance the courtly, refined quality of this beloved incense.
  • Mystic Jade:  Enjoy a moment of peace through incense. Myrrh, sandalwood, cloves, and spices constitute this gentle, calming Shoyeido incense fragrance.
  • Blue Topaz: Three beloved natural scents -- green tea, clove, and vanilla balance the complimentary herbs to cultivate this joyous creation of incense.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst continues to be one of our most popular fragrances. A sublime blending of choice sandalwood, cinnamon, and spikenard (the aromatic essence of honeysuckle), it lends a feeling of warmth and ease to one's home, work, and practice spaces.
  • Obsidian: Frankincense, aromatic ginger, sandalwood, and spices, carefully blended to create this unique Shoyeido masterpiece of fragrance. Perfect for setting a peaceful mood at home, for meditation, or a moment's quiet reflection.
  • Rose Crystal: Silky sandalwood, creamy resins, herbs, and spikenard -- the aromatic essence of honeysuckle -- are expertly woven together to render this warmly comforting fragrance.