Rhodochrosite Mala, Labradorite Mala, Rose Quartz Mala, Cherry Quartz Mala


This is a 43" long Rhodochrosite hearts, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, & Cherry Quartz Mala. This Mala was designed in thoughts of a love for hearts, love, spiritual growth and hoping to go to a great home.
►Metaphysical properties
Rhodochrosite is a pink colored gemstone. Pink is the color of love, which makes it a heart-based healing crystals. It is said to Attract love by opening up the heart chakras with its healing vibrations.

Labradorite is known to be s a stone of transformation. This is a stone that will help you become the person that you are destined to be.It will cleanse your aura and work with you to remove the bad habits, thoughts, and feelings that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.
-Key words:Inner awareness, Chakra healing, Empathy protection, and Goal attainment.
-Chakras: all
-Element: wind
-Physical:Addictions, including smoking, Brain Health, Seizures, Emphysema, Eye Disorders, Metabolism, Psoriasis, Skin Infections, Stomach Problems
-Emotional:Self Confidence and Self Worth
-Spiritual:Aura Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Communication, Spirit and Consciousness, Cosmic Awareness, Enhancing Dreams, Meditation, k, Telepathy, Third Eye Chakra

Rose Quartz- Opens the heart to all types of love. It helps to raise your self- esteem, restore confidence, and balance emotions. Rose Quartz is one of the best stones to use for a positive affirmation. A good affirmation to use is " I open my heart to all types of love".

Cherry Quartz- Purpose, Gratitude, Love, Emotional Balance, Empathy, and Patience.

►Handcrafted in our shop in the South End, Boston Massachusetts.