Pyrite gemstone bracelet, beaded double wrap gemstone bracelet


A stunning faceted Pyrite beaded gemstone bracelet with a sterling silver toggle (6.5'') and one with a lobster claw (7''). A great bracelet that could be worn every day on it's own or stacked with other bracelets.  A great healing stone bracelet too. A must have!

Pyrite has been Found in Italy, Spain, and Peru.

Healing Properties:

Key words: Masculine energy, manifestation, action, Vitality, willpower, creativity, & confidence.

Chakra: Solar plexus (3rd)

Element: Earth 
Physical: Pyrite has been know to support male reproductive health, and to aid in one fighting an infection. 
Emotional: Pyrite also encourage one to master fear and taking assertiveness action in their lives. 
Spiritual: Pyrite promotes a positive attitude in one self and a strong resolve, and to banishes negativity in ones life.