Pyrite, Ebony Wood, & Azurite/ Malachite Mala Necklace


This is a 34" long Pyrite, Ebony Wood, & Azurite/ Malachite Mala Necklace. This Mala was designed in thoughts of a love for hearts, love, spiritual growth and hoping to go to a great home.
Length 34" plus and additional .5" for the guru bead.

Metaphysical Properties
Pyrite was treasured in many ancient civilizations, and found used in jewelry of many ancient times. The word Pyrite from the word ‘ pry,’ which in Greek means fire. Pyrite is also known as fools gold. but There is nothing foolish about it! Did you know if you strike pyrite against another stone it will cause a spark, you can start a fire with it? The inner warmth of this stone is said to make it a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from environmental pollution. If you work or live in an area of high pollution (a city) this is a great stone to have close.

Ebony Wood is known for its Protection, Power, Transformation, Balance, Intuition, and Good Luck. 

Azurite is known for Insight, Vision, Intuition, and Understanding.

Malachite is an extremely powerful metaphysical stone, which is one of the more important healing stones, Malachite is a transformation stone and is used for deep aura cleaning. Its a strong stone so good to use in small doses.

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