Pink Opal Gemstone Strands


This listing is for one Pink Opal Gemstone Strand . You will receive one ethically sourced gemstone strand that was hand picked by us. We only buy our supplies (gemstone strands, healing stones, etc.) by family owned and run vendors. We give pride in helping other family owned and run business like ours.

We try our best to take the best pictures and measures as possible. Please note that all measures are approximate.

Healing Properties:

Pink Opal is a powerful stone that clears the mind, opens the heart chakra, and allows calming, soothing, and healing emotions to provide the individual with a sense of peace and improves the emotional mind. Pink Opal is known as a stone of spiritual awakening, providing the individual with tranquility, peace, and relaxation. It is also known as a stone possessing energy of physical healing, protecting the individual and purifying the encircling energy. Pink Opal allows the individual to be more empathetic by stimulating love, compassion, and understanding. It also allows for changes in a relationship by promoting confidence and encouraging compassion and empathy.

Key Words: Spiritual awakening, peace, tranquility, clarity, hope, love, emotional healing

Chakras: Heart

Element: Earth, Water

Physical Aspects

Pink Opal soothes the skin and reduces irritation and infections. It is advantageous for promoting the health of lungs, spleen, heart, and connective tissue. Pink opal is known to help with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and circulatory problems. It is also helpful with releasing tension.

Emotional Aspects

Pink Opal is a grounding and centering stone that promotes tranquility and compassion. It encourages empathy, increasing self-confidence and self-worth, and allows one to find a deeper understanding of love. Pink Opal is useful for reducing stress and tension.

Spiritual Aspects

Pink Opal is a stone of spiritual awakening that promotes self-healing, rebirth, renewal and love. It assists in guiding and connecting the individual with themselves and others, and releases toxic patterns that would otherwise interfere with relationships and self-discovery.

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