Peach Moonstone gemstone beaded bracelet


This amazing Peach Moonstone gemstone beaded bracelet was designed thinking of healing properties and the fall season. The bracelet has been strung on a sturdy wire called beadalon and completed with gold filled / Sterling Silver toggle. If you are interested in the healing properties they are listed below. A definitely a must have! One can wear this bracelet alone or stack it with others. 

The one with Sterling Silver toggle measures out to 7''

The one with  Sterling Silver toggle measures out to 6.5''  

►Metaphysical Properties
Peach Moonstone is a regenerative stone that is ideal for energy cleansing. It can also be used on  a deeper level, facilitating one’s journey into self-reflection and encourages self-acceptance that allows one to gain insight into their true self, assisting one to open up to vulnerability. Peach Moonstone is also a stone of transition and transformation. Its ability to magnify the energy of anything in contact with it makes it a perfect stone for removing negative and stagnant energy quickly, aiding in the process of addressing past emotional wounds. As a stone of emotional transformation and a powerful karmic cleanser, it allows one to take the pains of one’s past, and heal through drawing out issues over their entire lifespan, and release ancient trauma. Peach Moonstone allows healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. When you find yourself struggling to move forward and feel stagnant, peach moonstone is a perfect guide for identifying your true self through self-love and enter a new life chapter, leaving those past demons behind. Peach Moonstone is a must-have for creating a sacred space of peace. Keep in mind that this stone is relatively soft and should be kept dry whenever possible to avoid damage.

Key Words

Cleansing, Protection, Transformation, Calming


Sacral and Solar Plexus


Wind and Water

Physical Aspects

Peach Moonstone is customarily viewed as a stone for balancing hormones. Its ability to diminish anxiety and soothe emotional issues makes it an ideal stone for pregnancy. Like other moonstones, it is known for its ability to diminish stress, eliminate depression, and establishes balance, harmony, emotional support, and general cleansing of the entirety of an individual. Peach Moonstone’s connection to the Third Eye stimulates divine feminine energies and their fluctuations. As a type of moonstone, Peach Moonstone promotes internal love and bringing out the best in an individual, making it one of the most beneficial stones for pregnancy, and ameliorates reproductive health, menstruation, fertility, and childbirth. Since it is a stone of transition, it is also beneficial for puberty and menopause.

Emotional Aspects

The comforting feminine energy of Peach Moonstone provides a space for approaching internal reflection through loving energy. Worn for love, intuition, and insight, Peach Moonstone is a nurturing guide that promotes patience, intuition, and development of emotional intelligence. It is a gentle mentor that allows comfort, a sense of internal safety, and a strong feminine intuition, allowing one to navigate unfamiliar areas of emotion and an understanding of one’s individual agency to allow for an informed decision of vulnerability. This can encourage one to be more receptive of good and positive energies and know when to release negative energies.

Spiritual Aspects

Peach Moonstone is a protective stone, providing a safeguard and sanctuary for an individual. Even internally it dissolves harmful mental cycles of negative energy. It is a wonderful cleanser to align your chakras and provides mental clarity for moving forward, clearing blocks to self-awareness, and allows one to take on the world by helping them attain perspective and insight in their life, enabling them to grow.

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