Orthoceras and ammonite fossil Plates


This listing is for one Orthoceras and ammonite fossil plate . You will receive one ethically sourced gemstone plate that was hand picked by us. We only buy our supplies (gemstone strands, healing stones, etc.) by family owned and run vendors. We give pride in helping other family owned and run business like ours.

We try our best to take the best pictures and measures as possible. Please note that all measures are approximate.

large plate (Orthoceras) 12.5'' x 5.5'' x .75'' 

The long cone shaped one in the middle is an Orthoceras.
The Nautilus shaped ones  are Ammonites.

Orthoceras were marine animals that lived somewhere between 200 and 400 million years ago. They are an ancestor to the squid. A mass extinction event happened at some point and many of them died in a shallow water area that is now Morocco. Orthoceras Not only swam but they also crawled along the ocean floor. Their shells fell to the ocean floor when they died. After years of sediment covering them they fossilized into stone.

In order to swim Orthoceras would fill their chambers, (septas)with air, then squirt it out to propel themselves through the water, like a jet!

Ammonites closely resemble modern squids, octopus and the chambered nautilus. Ammonites were carnivores. They live around the same time as Orthoceras. Some are even older than the dinosaurs! they were a predator in the oceans.