Mala necklace Black tourmaline, Magnetic Hematite, Howlite and Silver Druzzy

Hand knotted between each of the 108 gemstones. Stacy hand knotted the 108 stones on sturdy silk cord. She used Black tourmaline, Magnetic Hematite, Howlite and Silver Druzys! For the Guru bead she used a custom made black lamp work glass bead with little white specks! then they attached the skull and added a black and white tassel to finish it off!
This would be a great necklace to wear to work during Halloween season, or to dress up your outfit at that Halloween bash!

Necklace is 43" , and the tassel and pendant hang down another 5 inches so this is a long necklace.

►Healing Properties

Howlite is said to Relieve stress and anxiety, calm an overactive mind and assist with meditation and spiritual, connection. Eases sleep patterns. Increases understanding and patience. Boosts motivation and ambition. Assists goal realization.

►Handcrafted in our shop in the South End, Boston Massachusetts.