Lemon Topaz Towers, Polished 2.5" (Larger width)


Exceptional quality Lemon Topaz Towers, Polished average size 2.5" tall, 1-1.5" diameter. They are very clear, with inclusions. You can hold them up and see the world through lemon lenses!

The second image is a video showing many of the actual pieces. You will receive one randomly chosen piece. We will pick the nicest one we have when fulfilling your online order . These are the larger of our pieces. we also have some about the same height, that are skinnier. Those are in our other listing. (smaller width)

Metaphysical Properties: Topaz is considered a stone of good luck. It enhances thoughts and provides clarity when trying to solve complex issues or problems. Topaz soothes and heals the body while providing energy to those who may feel worn down by releasing tension and inducing relaxation and calm. It also helps stabilize one's emotions making them receptive to love from all sources.