Gua Sha Massage Tool, Amethyst Gua Sha, Rose Quartz Gua Sha, Green Aventurine Gua Sha


This listing is for one Gua Sha Massage Tool. The Gau Sha Massage Tool are made of natural gemstone by hand cutting and polishing. The gemstone tools are natural and beautiful, each stone will varies in colors. The tool was designed to improve one's well-being of their body. By using the tool you could improve ones blood circulation in your face or any part of the body you use it on. Using this tool could also lessen your stress, assist you to feel more presentable, feel energized, and feel healthier. 

It has been said that using a Gua Sha Massage Tool at least two to three times a week could provide your skin a healthier feeling and look. Also, a great tool to assist with those knots one might have after a long day of work. 


The Gua Sha Massage Tool can be used on the face, scalp, and body using it with water or oil. It has been noted not to use on bare skin.  

When using on your face use the curved side towards your face and move it gently upwards and and away with short strokes (not back and forth). Can do your jaw lines, chin, around the area of your mouth, neck, and on any knots on your body one might experience. If you experience redness or dark circles under your eyes, you can place the massage tool flat to your skin which will sooth and lessen the puffiness your experience. If you want to release tension you could use small strokes side to side over your brow bone. When using on the neck only use the massager going down not up! Repeat the massage to each area three to five times per each massage. When you want to reduce any puffiness you may have then you want to go lightly on your skin. If you are using it to relax your muscles then you can go more firmly. 

Please note that we are not doctors and these are information that we have learned by doing our own research.  

If you are also interested in knowing the healing properties on the healing stones here the information on them are. 

►Metaphysical Properties
Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is one of the most popular metaphysical stones we sell, and one of the most well known healing stones, as it is known as the stone of unconditional love. Because it is a type of Quartz , Rose Quartz has a very high energy, but its vibration is calming and soothing. It is said to open the heart to compassion, and raise your self-esteem!

keywords: Love, happiness, harmony, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.

Chakras: Heart (4th), Root (1st)

Element: fire and earth

Physical: Alzheimer's, Cough, Dementia, Eating Disorders, Fatigue, Headaches Infertility, Kidney Disorders, Lungs, Menstrual Cramps, Neck Pain , PTSD,

Emotional: Anger Diffusing or Release, Calming, Coping with Grief, Emotional Healing, Emotional Strength and Stability, Fear, Forgiveness, Guilt, Jealousy, Love, Reducing Stress or Tension, Relationships

Spiritual: Connecting with Christ Consciousness, Divine Love/Connection/Guidance, Heart Chakra, Increasing Positive Energy, Spiritual Love, Unconditional Love

Amethyst Key Words: Encourages faithful love and passion. Sparks a creative, intuitive, happy, protected, and spiritual connection.

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), and Etheric (8th -14th)

Element: Wind 

Physical: Manifests passion, enhances mediation, and helps curb unwanted habits. Helps with promoting oxygenation of the blood, ameliorate nerve disorders, and tinnitus.

Emotional: Aids in clearing negative or addictive emotional patterns.

Spiritual: Helps create conscious a connection with spiritual guides.

Key words for Green Aventurine: Creativity, confidence, hope, stress relief, abundance, and well being.

Chakras: Heart (4th)

Element: Water, Earth

Physical Aspects:

Green Aventurine is beneficial for overall bodily health, particularly blood health, such as heart and circulation, and improving one’s vitality.

Emotional Aspects:

Green Aventurine encourages feelings of self-confidence and self-assurance during dark or difficult times. Beneficial for establishing peace during meditation. 

Spiritual Aspects:

Similar to other aventurine gemstones, Green Aventurine stimulates good fortune, useful in prosperity meditations and blessings. 

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