Green Jade (Canadian) gemstone bracelet


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These Green Jade (Canadian) gemstone beaded bracelets were strung on beadalon wire and was finished with a sterling silver lobster claw. The bracelets measures out to a 6.5'' and a 7'' (both lobster claw). 

A wonderful healing stone bracelet that you could wear for the healing properties or/ and the style. A great every day bracelet that could be worn on its own or stacked with others. Also, a great gift for yourself or someone special in your life.

►Metaphysical Properties
Jade is the "stone of fidelity," Jade is wonderful for balancing the male and female energies. It helps within dysfunctional relationships, and helps you to tune into other's feelings. It encourages self-confidence wisdom. Jade is used for connecting to life-force, as well as nurturing a sense of well-being. Jade is known to be a stone of abundance.

 Key words: Success, Lucid Dreaming, & Peace
Chakra's: Heart Chakra
Element: Water
Physical: Acid Balance, Blood Cleansing and Detoxing, Body Detox, Cancer, Colic, Diabetes, Edema, Eye Disorders and Infections, Immune System Strengthening and Support, Infertility, Kidney Disorders and Health, Liver Disorders and Health, Menstrual Cramps, Multiple Sclerosis,
Emotional: Coping with Grief, Emotional Body Purification, Emotional Healing, Harmony, Rage Diffusing or Release
Spiritual: Abundance, Aura Clearing, Connecting with Spirit Guides, Grounding, Healing, Past Life Recall, Spiritual Protection