Green Aventurine Gemstone bracelet


A stunning Green Aventurine gemstones healing stone bracelet with sterling silver toggle.  A bracelet that could be worn everyday and for special occasions. Also, can be stacked with others too.  A must have for ones or someone special jewelry collections. 

 The 6mm green Aventurine gemstone bracelet measures out to 6.5'' wrist.

If you are interested in the healing properties here is some information on Green Aventurine.

Key words for Green Aventurine: Prosperity, Courage, & Leadership

Element: Water & Earth

Chakras: Heart

 Green Aventurine is believed to be one of the luckiest stones for manifesting prosperity, abundance, and career success. It helps one attract new opportunities into their life, It is beneficial for anyone in a leadership position as it promotes courage, authenticity, compassion, and decisiveness. It opens the heart chakra and aids in healing and soothing painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood.    

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