Genuine Ruby Gemstone beaded necklace with Fordite and Shungite pendant, long necklace, 33''


This Stunning Genuine Ruby Gemstone beaded necklace with a sterling silver bezel Fordite and Shungite Gemstones with a hinge is a statement piece for sure. Definitely one of a kind for sure. The necklace was strung on very strong wire and finished with sterling silver toggle and findings. The pendant can also be taken off if you wish to wear the necklace without it. A great necklace to layer up too. The necklace measures out to 33'' long and the pendant measures out to 2.5'' long. On the back of the pendant Jack cut out a horse! A special something for someone special. 

Ruby is the birthstone for July. If you are interested in the healing properties here it is for Ruby, history on Fordite, and Shungite. 

Key Words: Passion, enthusiasm, protection, adventurousness, courage, and strength. 

Chakra(s): The Root Chakra

Element (s): Earth

Physical Aspects: Rubies has been known to assist the healing for the Root and Sacral Chakras. It helps to improve ones circulation and Chi.  Also, has been used for treatment for infertility, and for weight loss.

Emotional Aspects: Ruby provides one with a passion, enthusiasm, and adventurous for life and their aspirations. It also assist one to find courage to manage their anxiety. 

Spiritual Aspects: Ruby encourages one to use ones strength to find happiness in ones life. In addition, Ruby assists one to release their emotional distress or/ and had experienced physically mistreated.   


Fordite, also known as Detroit Agate, or Motor Agate, is a unique “stone” material with a really interesting history. The “stones” were made years ago, by the now extinct practice of hand spray-painting cars in large factories. The over spray from the paint would build up in the painting bays, in many colorful layers. These layers were hardened repeatedly in the ovens that the car bodies went into to cure the paint. 

Eventually, the paint build-up would become a problem, so it was removed. It was not till in the later years that it was discovered that it could be recycled into gorgeous stones! Sadly, the techniques that produced this stone are no longer in practice. Cars are now painted with a process that that leaves little, or no over spray. This means that The Fordite “mines” are dry, which makes this a rare commodity, so get it while you still can!

Shungite is a stone of clarification, clearing the body of negative energy such as unhealthy patterns, disease, and emotional difficulties. It is a powerful influence for grounding one with better connection to the Earth. Shungite is also a stone of truth. This is due to its purification properties that absorb positive energy and dispelling negative energy. As a result, it encourages truth through creating discomfort in the individual, breaking harming patterns, and letting go of fear, guilt, and shame. It is also a stone of transformation, protecting one from pollution and absorbing negative energy, and establishing balances the body through an incredible shielding power.

Key Words: Protection, breaks unhealthy cycles, grounds, calms, cleanses, and promotes clarity  

Chakras : All

Element: Fire, Wind, Storm

Physical Aspects: 

Shungite purifies the physical body for transformation preparation, cleansing and protecting from EMFs.

Emotional Aspects: 

Shungite removes one’s negative emotional patterns and transmutes them into positive energy that improves the immune system and recharges the emotional body to equilibrium

Spiritual Aspects: 

Shungite cleanses, balances, and aligns one’s emotional body, clearing out pollutants to restore balance in the body.

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