Gemstone Stars and Moon Healing Stone ,gemstone shapes

This listing is for one Gemstone Star or Moon healing stone. You will receive one ethically sourced healing stone. Stones may vary so you might not get the exact stone in the picture but the images are representative of the group and we will do our best to pick the nicest ones! You will receive the typical item shown. In addition to the stone you will receive a small information card about the gemstone, as shown in the picture, free of charge.

We offer several types of healing stones as well as some sets. If you want a larger quantity than listed, message us before buying and we may be able to provide an even better discount!

►Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst Key Words: Faithful Love, Passion, Creativity, Intuition, Happiness, and Spiritual Connection.

Lepidolite Key Words: Peace, Calming energy, sleep aid, Anxiety relief , Wisdom, and Understanding. 

Rose Quartz Key Words: Love, happiness, harmony, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.

Yellow Jasper Key Words: Happiness, Gratitude, Positivity, Self-Confidence, Success, and Clarity. 

Mahogany Obsidian Key Words: healing feelings of inner limitations, and feelings of unworthiness.

Dumortierite Key Words: Comprehension, Assertiveness, Resolve, Self-Discipline, and Stamina.

Clear Quartz Key Words: Illumination, clarity, manifestation, positive energy, and spiritual growth. 

Strawberry Quartz Key Words: Purpose, Gratitude, Love, Emotional Balance, Empathy, and Patience.

Sodalite Key Words: Strength, Energy, Connection to Higher Self, Enlightenment, and Confidence. 

Opalite Key Words: Peace, Serenity, Courage, Acceptance, Transformation, and Clearing. 

Howlite Key Words: Wisdom, Calming, Insomnia aid, Insight, Patience,  and negative energy release. 

Red Jasper Key Words: mood stability, comfort, control, anxiety relief, action, and opportunity.

Tiger Eye Key Words: Physical Wellness, Protection, Grounding, Mindfulness, and Balance Energy. 

Dragon Blood Jasper Key Words: Success, Ingenuity, Spiritual Growth, Authenticity, and Love. 

Bloodstone Key Words: Rejuvenation, Confidence, Protection, Resilience, and Transformation.

Unakite Jasper Key Words: Clarity, Toxin and Negative Energy Release, Emotional Healing, and Compassion.

Green Aventurine Key Words: Creativity, Confidence, Hope, Stress Relief, Abundance, and Well being.  

Green Moss Agate Key Words: Abundance, Growth, New Beginnings, Stability, Love, and Concentration.

 Brown Goldstone Key Words: Ambition, Confidence, Empowerment, Uplifting, Grounding, and Healing.

Blue Goldstone Key Words: "Make a Wish" stone, Healing (long distance healing too), Ambition, Courage, and Focus. 

Ruby in Zoisite Key Words: Positively, Harmony in relationship, Anxiety Relief, Balance, and Clarity. 

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