7 Chakra Gemstone Sacred Geometry Set


Here you will receive one Set of 7 platonic solids, A card of the gemstone set you selected, a set of information cards of : Color Meaning & Vibrations, body map of seven main chakras, chakra affirmations, and names of platonic solids and related chakras. Using the 7 sacred shapes assists one to balance each of his/hers chakras, to infuse the 7 sacred shapes with crystalline energy, and to addition to the energy of each of the elements. You could use the 7 sacred shapes in a body layout  for 15-30 minutes meditation. When you are done with your mediation you remove the stones in the opposite order from the crown Chakra to the Root Chakra. To continue to maintain your practice it is specially good to do at least once a month unless you are going through a situation that would be beneficial to do once a week. 

The gemstone set measures approximately 15 to 18mm.

►Metaphysical Properties

The sets:

Key words Golden Tiger Eye: Confidence, Will Power, & Vitality

Key words Rose Quartz: Femininity, Love, & Kindness

Key words Amethyst: Intuition, Healing, & Peace

Key words Green Aventurine: Prosperity, Courage, & Leadership

Key words Red Jasper: Healing, Nurturing, & Stability

Key words Carnelian: Creativity, Ambition, & Confidence

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