Gemstone Rune Set, Runes


 Here you will receive one Set of Gemstone Rune Set (25 gemstones), an informational card for the gemstone set you selected, instructions, and in information corresponding Sheet. 

Using the Gemstone Runes set will assist you to take on the ancient people’s culture essences. Each of the runes tell a story and meaning of the ancient characters. It is the ancient art of divination and used as a reflective tool for the future. 

 The symbols include:

               * 24 symbols plus

              * 1 Empty Symbol: Blank stone

 How to use Witches Runes (Nostradamis):

Before you start, Put the stones in the bag and mix them up. Then hold the bag in your hands for a while. Let your breath pass pebbles, and then you reach into the bag and pull pebbles.

 Single method divination:

 When you have a particular problem and want to ask a divination stone for guidance, you should condense your question into a simple sentence, then take a random stone and that will be your answer.

Three piece of divination:

In the manner described above, the diviner should concentrate on selecting stones while reciting the problem. The stones are arranged from left to right. The first stone selected represents the basis or cause of the problem, the second stone represents the present situation, and the third lesson suggests the future development.   

Cross Method (five and six point method):

Line up the first three stones from left to right, placing the fourth one above the middle one and the fifth one below. The divination stone in the center of the cross represents the present situation.  The left side of the stone refers to the past events on the present situation, the top side refers to the external forces and forces, the bottom one indicates the expected and unpredictable changes, and the right side refers to the outcome of future problems.  


►Metaphysical Properties

The sets:

Key words Rose Quartz: Femininity, Love, & Kindness

Key words Amethyst: Intuition, Healing, & Peace

Key words Red Jasper: Healing, Nurturing, & Stability

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