Peridot Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


 These are a beautiful Peridot beaded gemstone bracelet with sterling silver lobster claw. The Sizes are  6.5'' and 7'' of 6mm smooth round gemstones. A great bracelet that could be worn every day on it's own or stacked with other bracelets. A great healing stone bracelet too. A must have!'

►Metaphysical Properties 

 Peridot Key words: Abundance, Nature, & Renewal

Peridot is a strong stone of financial and spiritual abundance. It encourages one to feel gratitude in all areas of life and alleviates feelings of hopelessness. It allows one to connect with nature on a deeper level. It helps one detach themselves from negative influences and look to the own higher energies for guidance. Peridot enhances qualities of compassion and generosity, and helps one find their true purpose in life. 

Element: Earth    

Chakras: Solar Plexus & Heart

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