Dumortierite, blue quartz, healing Stone Tumbles

This listing is for one Healing stone. You will receive one ethically sourced healing stone. Stones may vary so you might not get the exact stone in the picture but the images are representative of the group and we will do our best to pick the nicest ones! You will receive the typical item shown. In addition to the stone you will receive a small information card about the gemstone, as shown in the picture, free of charge.

We offer several types of healing stones as well as some sets. If you want a larger quantity than listed, message us before buying and we may be able to provide an even better discount!

►Metaphysical Properties

This Tumbled Dumortierite (Blue Quartz) is a nice shade of blue that resembles the ocean. Dumortierite was first described in 1881 for an occurrence in French Alps and named for the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier. Dumortierite is most often found in deposits near water, in the African continent. Dumortierite was once referred to as "Petrified Water" due to this! The variety of blue color most often seen in Blue Dumortierite can come from manganese, iron, and/or zinc inclusions in the quartz. Dumortierite is used in the production of high grade porcelain.
Dumortierite stones are often referred to as Stones of Patience. They help to enhance your willpower, in terms of learning, and can increase your memory retention. It is a very beneficial stone for students, or those required to take in a large amount of knowledge in a short amount of time. would be a great stone for those learning from home.

-Key words: Comprehension, Assertiveness, Resolve, Self-Discipline, and Stamina.

-Chakras: Third Eye (6th)

-Element: Wind

-Physical: Cramps, Diarrhea, Epilepsy, Headache and Migraines , Heart, Hypersensitivity, Mental Clarity, Nausea, Sunburn, Vomiting

-Emotional: Detachment, Eases Depression, Fear, Inflexibility, Insomnia, Organization, Overexcitability, Panic, Patience, Phobias, Reducing Stress or Tension, Self Confidence and Self Worth, Self Discipline, Shyness, Stage Fright, Stubbornness

-Spiritual: Angel Communication, Clairaudience, Connecting and Communicating with Spirit Guide, Past Life Recall

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