Crocheted Ruby necklace, Gemstone necklace, gold filled toggle


This stunning Red Ruby Necklace was made by stringing semi precious garnet stones on sturdy cord (fireline) and then crocheting them for hours with a tiny hook. The necklace is so beautiful that you or someone special could wear it for any occasion to dress up an outfit or with a blouse for a casual day. It measures out to 18" around which sits right below the collar bone. The faceted cut of the rough Ruby brings out the sparkle of the stones and the gold filled toggle and findings brings this piece all together. There is a matching bracelet if your interested in purchasing it too.

A July birthstone and if you are interested in knowing a bit more about Ruby here's a little info.
Today, you can find Rubies in Macedonia, Mexico, Madagascar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and even Greenland. Natural Ruby is one of four “precious” gemstones (including Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire) known its rarity, monetary value, and hardness (second only to Diamond). Ruby is red Corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral with chromium responsible for its rich, red color. The name comes from the Latin word rubeus, meaning “red,” and until 1800 when Ruby was recognized as a variety of Corundum, red Spinels, Tourmalines, and Garnets were also believed to be Ruby. Ruby is considered a blood stone, strengthening the heart, myocardium, ventricles and coronaries, and stimulating good circulation and blood flow. It is also an aid in treating disorders or disease of the heart. Ruby allows the sharing of loving energy despite past hurts, bringing up anger or negative energy for transmutation. Ruby carries the frequency of the enlightened Base Chakra, stimulating the flow of life-force energy or chi through the body. It strengthens the ability to meet one’s needs and manifest one’s desires, and is powerful in activating the kundalini.