Circle Watch component Cuff Links- Sterling Silver, for watch collectors


These are gorgeous watch cuff-links. The watch have been bezel set in a sturdy Circle sterling silver setting that was hand forged from sterling silver sheet metal in our shop in the South End, Boston Massachusetts. they have a buffed finish and simple wrapped bezel. These Watch Component cuff links make a great gift for watch aficionados, mechanically inclined men, or virtually any man who likes timeless style! These cuff links are a best seller in our shop! They have a classy mechanical look that will complement any dress shirt. These cuff links are hand soldered using genuine antique watch components. Intricate gears and parts are beautifully displayed mounted on sterling silver cuff links

Cuff Links Rock. Think about it – what other opportunity does a man have to wear a piece of jewelry that’s both functional and attention grabbing?

Never tried cuff links? if so you’re missing out – try them and join the elite group of men who stand out from the crowd because they pay attention to all the details.