Carnelian faceted Gemstone bracelet


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This beautiful faceted Carnelian gemstone bracelet was designed with Beadalon wire and a sterling silver lobster claw. The bracelet was designed thinking about the healing aspects of the gemstone and the simplicity of the gemstone. A great bracelet that you can stack with others and wear to dress up or dress casual. A great gift for her or him too. Also, a one of a kind piece just made for you right here in Boston. The measurement of the bracelet (including clasp) are 6.5'' and 7''. If you need to have the bracelet shorten we can do that without extra charge just let us know.

►Metaphysical Properties

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy. It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and is a powerful aid to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion, and power. Carnelian is a stone of physical vitality and energy and psychologically imparts an acceptance of the life cycle and removes fear of death. It stimulates creativity and has the ability to cleanse other stones. This stone helps you overcome negative conditioning, abuse, and helps trust yourself and your perceptions, as well as encourages steadfastness. Emotionally, this stone protects against envy, rage, and resentment by calming anger and banishing emotional negativity, replacing it with love of life. For females, Carnelian influences reproductive organs and increases fertility.

Key Words: Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action

Chakras: Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Element: Fire

Physical Aspects: Supports strength, vitality, sexuality, detoxing from alcohol or drugs

Emotional Aspects: Increases one’s courage and enthusiasm

Spiritual Aspects: Aids in overcoming hesitation, finding courage to grow spiritually

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