Blue Apatite Gemstone Crocheted Necklace with Gem Silica Pendant


 This is a stunning Blue Apatite crocheted gemstone necklace.  It was made by stringing semi precious Blue Apatite 2.5mm gemstones  on sturdy cord (fireline) and then crocheting them for hours with a tiny hook. The necklace is so beautiful that you or someone special could wear it for any occasion to dress up an outfit or with a blouse for a casual day. The necklace  measures out to 17" which sits right below the collar bone. The faceted cut of the  faceted Blue Apatite brings out the sparkle of the stones and the sterling silver box clasp with a Blue Apatite bezel set stone, findings (end caps are paved Diamonds), and the amazing Gem Silica Druzy in Martix bezel set pendant  brings this piece all together. The pendant reminds us of a waterfall and the sparkles of the druzy of Gem Silica is stunning. On the back of the pendant Jack cut of a lotus flower. This Gem Silica Druzy in Martix is from Australia.  The measurement of the pendant is 1.75'' x .90'' including the bail. 

There is a matching bracelet that measures out to 6.5'' and sold separately if you are interested in buy a matching set.  

►Metaphysical Properties of Blue Apatite

Apatite is said to be a crystal having many moods and colors. Usually, but not always Apatite is found in a blue color. Apatite is a stone that helps tremendously with balance and flexibility, that's why it's loved by yogi's. It is also a stone frequently used by crystal healers for issues associated with bone and or tooth problems. It can also help with restoring balance after a bout of emotional trauma of some sort.

Blue Apatite is a stone possessing an incredible influence on the auric field, particularly mentally. It stimulates visionary states, such as psychic perception and paranormal abilities. In the Pocket Book of Stones, it is referred to as enhancing one’s “vertical vision.” This trait allows an individual to see simultaneous coordination of multiple levels of consciousness. Blue Apatite is a stone of great inspiration, allowing one to communicate with the supernatural realm, supporting one in recovering memories of the past, whether it be their own or of ancient civilizations.

Key Words: Motivation, inspiration, creativity, passion, manifestation, and optimism.  

Energizes psychic abilities, promotes access to knowledge in all its forms

Chakras : Third Eye (6th) 

Element: Wind

Physical Aspects

Blue Apatite is a very useful stone for various elements of one’s sight. It is used to improve headaches and eyesight (poor eyesight can lead to headaches), as well as assisting in overcoming vertigo, another malady associated with sight and calming the mind to push through these difficulties.

Emotional Aspects

Similarly, Blue Apatite is used for overcoming acrophobia, yet another sight-related life impediment. As such, it assists in improving one’s mood. 

Spiritual Aspects

Blue Apatite is a useful stone to enhance one’s sight on multiple dimensions. Some consider it to stimulate psychic and paranormal perception. Overall, Blue Apatite is a cleansing stone influencing the auric field. It is known to open one’s mind to possess the capacity for communication with supernatural and spiritual realms, providing them with clarity to understand long-standing problems or questions.

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