Black Moonstone Gemstone Sphere


This listing is for one Black Moonstone Gemstone Sphere. You will receive one ethically sourced Gemstone. Stones may vary so you might not get the exact stone in the picture but the images are representative of the group and we will do our best to pick the nicest ones! You will receive the typical item shown. In addition to the stone you will receive a small information card about the gemstone, as shown in the picture, free of charge.

Black Moonstone is best known for its powerful connection to feminine energy, and functions spiritually as a guide and mentor for spiritual transcendence, protecting and opening one’s energy field. It shelters those with emotional oversensitivity, such as empaths, from overstimulation by others. It filters the surrounding energy and cleanses the mind from any negative energy, discerning relevant information. Black Moonstone is also a stabilizing stone that creates tranquility in the home, maintains healthy approaches to difficulties faced in relationships, and guides teenagers through the insecurities and anxieties of “teenage angst.” It is also beneficial for those who struggle with concentration, allowing them to improve focus when studying and guide creative expression.

►Metaphysical Properties

Key words: Protection, Guide, Focus, Stability/Balance, Transformative Energy, Femininity 

Chakras: Third Eye (6th)

Element: Water 

It is customary for females to use Moonstone to balance hormonal cycles, particularly during menopause, and benefit female reproductive organs. Black Moonstone is thought to increase rehabilitation from a stroke, Parkinson’s, in addition to similar diseases. It is thought to ameliorate issues of the colon, kidneys, liver, spleen, and stomach.

Black Moonstone improves one’s stamina and coordination and fosters improved focus in children who are accident prone or who have dyspraxia. Similarly, black moonstone enhances concentration and focus in adults.

Black Moonstone is a wonderful stone for metaphysical pursuits, functioning as a protective mentor in experiencing the force of energy transformation and the relationship to the divine feminine. Black Moonstone serves as an agent of forming true connections with the world around us and within us by becoming more attuned to our true inner voice. Black Moonstone is a grounding stone in the sense that balance is achieved through compassion of one’s self and of all individuals. 

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