Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet


A stunning Aquamarine  gemstone bracelet with a sterling silver  lobster claw measuring out to 7'' and 6.5''. A great bracelet that could be worn every day on its own or stacked with other bracelets. A must have!

►Metaphysical Properties 

Aquamarine is known by healers to be the stone of courage. Its calming energies are said to help reduce stress as well as quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity for the most sensitive people. It invokes the ability to understand and tolerate others, and it helps one to overcome negative judgment by others, giving support to those overwhelmed by their responsibilities!

Key word: Rejuvenation, peace, flow, tranquility, inner peace, and freedom!

Chakras: Throat (5th), Heart (4th)

Element: Water

Physical: Aquamarine has been known to help one  with a sore throat and/or throat condition's, and a inflammatory illnesses.

Emotional: It has been said that Aquamarine is good for calming anger, relieving stress, and expressing ones true emotions.

Spiritual: Spiritually speaking Aquamarine assists one with their deepest truth, and  meeting their angelic feminine side. 

Personally, I love Aquamarine healing/ gemstones that we have them in our own collections in addition to only carry the stones that we connect too! We hope you will enjoy all of our curated stones pick and chosen just for you.

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