Angelite gemstone bracelet

This listing is for one Angelite gemstone beaded bracelet. The bracelet was designed thinking of the healing aspects and the beautiful color of it. The bracelets were made by using 6mm round smooth Angelite gemstone beads, beadalon wire, and sterling silver findings and toggle. A bracelet that could be worn everyday and stacked with others. A definitely, a must have for your collection. 

►Metaphysical Properties

Angelite is a type of Anhydrite that is said to bring the softest energy of all the minerals! This is likely because it seems to have the softness of angels when looking at it or holding it. Angelite is said to help bring acceptance of new things, as well as a quiet strength to the body. It is said to be the strongest of the quiet energy stones! It is a stone that brings calming energy, purifying the emotions and connecting you with the angels!

Angelite is a stone of higher dimension that exudes tranquil and benevolent energies that are soaked up by those who use them. It sometimes serves as a talisman for anchoring one’s spiritual guides. Just being in close proximity to angelite stone allows a pull towards the focal point attaching one to the higher planes and connecting with love, guidance, and the spiritual realm.

Key Words: Spiritual connection, effective communication, serenity, and meditation. Effectively conveys a spiritual connection, benefits meditation through serenity and tranquility

Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th), and Crown (7th)

Element: Wind

Emotional Aspects:

Angelite is a critical stone for interpersonal relationships. Effective communication is crucial for positive relationships and well-being, and angelite encourages compassion and clarity with these interactions.

Spiritual Aspects:

Angelite encourages spiritual communication and connection with higher forces. It is useful for communicating with celestial forces. For some, this means contact with angels. Others see this as a method of facilitating a connection with celestial spirits. These may be thought of as spiritual guides.

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