XXL Amethyst Vogel Gemstone


This listing is for one XXL Amethyst Quartz Vogel Gemstone. You will receive the exact stone in the picture, we only have one of these! You will receive a small information card about Amethyst, included free of charge.

We offer several types of healing stones as well as some sets. If you want a larger quantity than listed, message us before buying and we may be able to provide an even better discount!

►Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is found all over the world. We soured this directly from the mines stone cutter, in Brazil.

Healing Properties: Quartz is considered the master of all healing crystals. Enhances personal awareness and growth. Increase energy levels. Energizes and activates your Chakra’s. It amplifies the energy level of any other gemstones it touches, making an ideal crystal to use with others. Also known as Rock Crystal and the "stone of light". /clear Quartz is one of the most important healing stones needed in ones collection for healing, work, and to mediate with. 

Key Words: Illumination, clarity, manifestation, positive energy, and spiritual growth. 

Spiritual: Provides a boost to one’s clarity, and helps one to communicate with their spiritual guide.

Chakras: all

Element: storm

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