Amazonite Gemstone Crocheted Necklace with Opalized Petrified Wood Pendant, Jewelry


Take your outfit to the next level, with this gorgeous Blue Amazonite gemstone necklace. Tiny 2mm faceted Amazonite Gemstones were strung on sturdy fireline cord, and then hand crocheted into a tubular pattern. The necklace then was finished with a sterling silver flower toggle clasp with a peridot gemstone.

This necklace could be sold in two different ways. 1) the crocheted Amazonite gemstone necklace with the Opalized Petrified Wood Pendant or 2) The necklace without the pendant.  3) Or Just Pendant

 The pendant is a rectangular cut of Opalized Petrified Wood polished gemstone that is and bezel set in a very sturdy setting. The stone has a nice finish, which resembles the beach, which is why its also known as Beachside Blue Opal. Its an extremely rare mineral that is hundreds of thousands of years old! The bezel is accented by two CZ stones that add a little sparkle to the whole thing. the CZs are 2mm Round. The ring measures about 2" long by 1/2" wide and is a size 8 which is a good size for most, since its a larger width band.

A great gift for yourself or someone special that a husband and wife team both were able to collaborate on this jewel! A necklace that is versatile and one that you could layer with other necklaces or wear it alone.  A one of a kind piece designed and made right here in the South End of Boston, Mass.

The measurement of the 17.5'' including the toggle. The measurements of the pendant is 1.25'' x 1.5'' including the bail. 

Metaphysical Properties

Key Words: Hope, tranquility, anxiety relief, true expression, and toxic energy release. 

Chakras: Heart (4th) & Throat (5th)

Element: Water

Amazonite is a stone that facilitates communication, functioning as a euphony between the self and among people. It allows for compassion and the ability to have a higher consciousness so the individual can combine all features, and through the power of Amazonite as a stone of truth telling and listening to the surrounding world. Amazonite has been said to have healing powers that will help you with your physical ailments, emotional issues, and chakra balancing. Amazonite crystal therapies are often done, to help with stress, healing trauma, or soothing energies in your home and workplace. Be sure to keep one in both!


The measurement of the 17.5'' including the toggle. 


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