2mm Sterling Silver Bangles, Set of 3 Hand Forged size 7.5


This is a stunning set of three sterling silver hand hammered bangles forged out of solid sterling silver wire into a perfect oval shape. They are sturdy, at about 2 mm thick, weighing in at about 0.35oz each. Simply slide them over your wrist to put on and off. The shape of the bangle allows the bangles to move around loosely on the average wrist.. The bangles are just about 7.5 inches around and will fit most women comfortably.

This is a must have for your everyday jewelry collection! Hammering adds texture as well as hardness. All bangles have been hand polished to a brilliant shine.

✔ PLEASE BE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST.  If this is not the correct size, or you want a customization, contact me and we can make a set in any size you want, in just a few days time.


►  How To measure for a closed bangle:  Touch your thumb tip to your pinkie tip, then push down the rest of your fingers to the top of the thumb, replicating the action you would take to put on a bangle. Use a soft tape measure such as a sewing tape measure. Measure around the widest part of your hand snugly without compressing the hand too much. Bangles, unlike bracelets, are meant to slide over your hand, and move around on your wrist, If you have a current bangle that fits- measure the inside all the way around to determine it's size.