Ammolite Sterling Silver bezel set split shank gemstone ring


This cool ring is made from a natural gemstone that’s garnering lots of attention lately! Not only can it speak to those who  like gorgeous gemstones but also it has a really cool back story!

This Approximately 15x30 oval gemstone was set in a sturdy sterling silver bezel, which is wrapped with a decorative gold filled rope. The band is a thick sterling silver split shank The back of the ring is stamped with our hallmark and 925, between where the ring shanks connect.

Ammolite, the iridescent gemstone that’s actually cut from the fossilized shells of a prehistoric creature, comes from one source only. Ammonites were squid-like creatures with sharp, beak-like jaws, a spiral shell and tentacles. They became extinct about 66 million years ago.

Ammonite shells alone, make pretty cool jewelry. Ammolite, meanwhile, is the trade name for the iridescent, layer of the shell of fossilized ammonite. Commercial quantities of gem-quality ammolite are only known to come very a few specific types of ammonite shells, that were under very specific conditions.

If you remember from history class, 66 million years ago, there were only 2 continents. The Ammonite population lived in a sea called the Bearpaw  Now that the continents have shifted that area ends up as a rock formation stretching from Montana to Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. 


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