Reiki Therapy


In addition to our Jewelry and Gemstone services, we also offer Energy Services, for those who are open to it! Stacy is not only a Advanced Certified Crystal Healer, but also a Master Reiki practitioner! 

What to Expect:

We currently offer several in-store options for deep healing energy work focusing on assessing your energy, clearing and re-aligning the chakras, and strengthening protective boundaries. Sound, and Crystals may be added during the session, and suggestions for crystals to bring into your practice may also be made! Sessions require booking in advance, so we can prep the space. We can do in a chair or on a message bed, in store. For groups, we do travel as well. 

What to Bring:

An open heart and a willingness to receive.

Please call or email to reserve a time slot after signing up.


Don’t miss this opportunity to attune yourself to the rhythms of the universe. 🌟🌕✨

If you can no longer make it, cancel within 48 hours of the event to receive a refund.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a physician or health care professional. We are not medical professionals and do not make any medical claims. Our session is designed to enhance your total wellness, and should be used in conjunction with your traditional medical care. Please check with your doctor or health care professional about using Reiki to complement your medical treatment (if any). Please check with your doctor if pregnant, you have heart problems, or have trouble laying down.