Gemstone Mining Surprise Bucket


Gemstone Mining Surprise Bucket

This is 6 pound gemstone mining surprise bucket of rough pay-dirt. Digging though the bucket and sifting through the sand, you find your gemstones. You will definately find more than eight ounces of gemstones. Along with that you will find some different fossils, typically an arrowhead, crystal, and pyrite. Plus a big surprise piece (typically an Amethyst Druzy piece) is in each bucket and an identification brochure.

Surprise Bucket Packaging:

We package the gemstone mining surprise buckets with an plastic interior bag, which prevents damage. Also the bag and bucket are resealable for storage of your loot!

Opening your  Surprise Bucket 

The images of the stones are from a sample bag. This a good representation of what you will find in your bag. All bags have lots of stones in them, all you need to do is dump it out, and dig through the sand till you find them. Whalla, you have a bucket full of treasure! Each bucket includes a selection of gemstones, often over 15 stones, 1.5" in size and a gem identification chart. Enjoy the thrill of discovery as you pick through the gems, identify your finds, and get inspired!

Your purchase of a Gemstone Mining Surprise Bucket

Every purchase comes with a Gemstone Mining Surprise Bucket Identification flyer that shows many of the common types of gems and minerals you might find in your bag. You will find others, not listed as well!

Are you looking for something fun to do on a rainy day? Anytime you are stuck inside, bring the outside in!  Just be sure to protect your table before opening! either open on a disposable tablecloth, or inside a bin, or shoebox! Have fun! Also would make a great party activity!

  • Gemstone identification flyer included with each bucket
  • All buckets custom made by our family run team
  • Due to customs regulations surrounding importation of dirt, this product can only be sold in the US.
  • Note that our packaging may give away the contents. Please let us know if this is a surprise so we can send in more generic packaging.
  • Free US shipping with any purchase over $35