6lb Love and Wellness Bag -Raw Gemstone mining


This is a 5 pound bag of rough mining pay-dirt, guaranteed to have gemstones which we hand selected for love and wellness. The bag comes in a sealed zipper bag. Typical finds are more than 18 ounces of larger sized raw gemstones, such as rose quartz, orange calcite, red calcite, green calcite, coke calcite, emerald, fluorite, amethyst, amazonite, Iolite, Angelite, Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, labradorite, citrine, and etc. Most bags have at least 15 good sized pieces! After you get your amazing finds, you can pack them back up and store the rocks in the zipper bag, and toss the sand in the garden, or repurpose!

The images of the stones are from a sample bag we opened, and a good representation of what you might find in your bag. All bags have lots of stones in them, all you need to do is dump it out, and dig through the sand till you find them. Then rinse them off in clear water and you are done!

****UPGRADE!! Choose the optional add on of the Carnelian & Prehnite, Moonstone & Ruby or Blue Topaz, and we will "Spike" your bag! ****

Every purchase comes with information cards for the gems and minerals you might find in your bag. You may find others, that are not listed as well, so good luck, and be sure to send us pictures of your finds!

This is a fun project for anyone who needs a little pick me up, and makes a perfect gift. Bring the outside in to them! Just be sure to protect your table before opening! either open on a disposable tablecloth, or inside a bin, or shoebox! Have fun! Also would make a great party activity!

Sorry, but due to shipping regulations of most countries we are unable to ship products containing soil across borders.

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