Smudge Kit


Kit contains : Sweetgrass, Sage Bundle, Flat Cedar, Abalone Shell, Quick-lite charcoal and Mini Fan.

Sweetgrass is used to purify thought, the environment and to eliminate the negative thoughts.

Mediate and cleanse your energy with sage.

Flat Cedar , burns as a purifying incense . 

Enhance your feelings with an abalone shell used for peace, compassion and love 

Use quick-lite charcoal to burn the sweetgrass . Mini fan is used to gently fan the charcoal with sweetgrass  .  The mini fan helps fire to continuously burn without going out . 

Smudging contains all elements. 

Spiritually, smudging is used for purification, dispelling negative energy and improve your mood . 

Cleanse and protect your chakra by smudging .

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