SAGE Sticks / Palo Santo- Multiple options


This listing is for one 4'' single Sage stick. You will receive one ethically sourced Sage that was hand picked by us. We only buy our supplies (gemstone strands, healing stones, etc.) by family owned and run vendors. We give pride in helping other family owned and run business like ours.

Bougainvillea Flower with white Sage: This sage blend bundle is used for purification, new seasons, and cleansing.  

7 Chakras White Sage:  It is said that each Rose petal represents the 7 main chakras. It promotes health and harmony.

Peppermint and White Sage: This blend of peppermint and white sage would provide one with a feeling of a breath of fresh air, new season, cleansing, and/ or detox for your mind. 

Lavender & White Sage: The mixture of Lavender and Sage makes a wonderful combination which would provide one with feelings of releasing stress. Use for calmness, and a pure mindset. 

White Sage: White Sage has been known to be the sage to deep cleanse your environment, yourself, and to manifest good vibes. A great one for ones home, business, and to smudge yourself with. 

Palo Santo Stick: Palo Santos stick is great for calming ones emotions, creativity, and good fortune.

Eucalyptus & White Sage: Eucalyptus has been known to bring fresh energy and blended with white sage promotes the ultimate re-fresh one needs. A great blend for those who want to bring in a new beginnings and a pure, fresh start. 

We try our best to take the best pictures and measures as possible. Please note that all measures are approximate.

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► All of Jewelry and healing gemstones are carefully packaged for a speedy and safe arrival and is packaged in a gift box tied with a ribbon. all our items are packaged nicely but if you would like to send as a gift, please leave us a note if you want it gift wrapped and with a card!

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