Essential Oil Roller Bottle - Energizer Series


Experience the full potential of our special blends of essential oils, carefully crafted to energize your chakras and offer a promising path to enhanced well-being.  
Our wonderful set includes these essential oil blends and Jojoba oil. We have made our selections and explained why we chose them.   Stacy also provided reiki energy and intentions for each of the crafted bottles.

Unless you select the entire set, you will receive one essential oil of your choosing. In addition, you will receive the information card for the essential oil chosen. 

Using this essential oil in your daily routine can aid in Energizing the chakras. 

Rosemary (Crown Chakra) is a refreshing, stimulating, and energizing oil that improves cognitive functioning by lessening what's on one's mind and improving mental alertness and memory. (not for the use of pregnant women)

Basil (Third Eye chakra) is a great oil for stimulating the mind and assisting one in focusing, finding clarity, and receiving the energy needed to gain mental strength. 

Eucalyptus (Throat chakra) is a great oil that stimulates the mind and assists with concentration. It also has a soothing effect on the body. It has also been known to help one's respiratory health. 

Peppermint (Throat chakra) is a great oil that stimulates one's mind and assists with focusing. It relieves mental fatigue and feelings of depression. It also uplifts one's spirits, refreshes mental clarity, and assists one in focusing clearly. 

Geranium (Heart chakra) has a great uplifting, balancing, and revitalizing effect on the body. It is also known to help those with minor aches and pains and is good for skin and hair care. 

Lemon and ginger (Solar Plexus chakra) Lemon is known for boosting one's energy levels, revitalizing one, and giving one a positive outlook. Mixing lemon with Ginger provides additional self-love to one's body. 

Orange & Grapefruit- (Sacral chakra) Orange Is a great balancing oil that has been known to assist one with harmonizing and enhancing one's mood as it has the effect of acting as an antidepressant and anti- anxiety oil. If you are stressed, Orange can assist you with relief. Grapefruit helps one feel more energized to fight fatigue and soothe those feelings of sore muscles, joint pains, and tension in a headache. Orange and grapefruit, therefore, make a great blend. 

Ginger (root chakra) has a great energizing effect. It provides an uplifting sense of self, lessening loneliness and sadness. It could also assist one with expressing gratitude more fluently.  


100% natural product

100% fractioned Jojoba oil, those essential oils listed above.


Do not ingest, and keep out of reach of children and pets. Test before use and discontinue immediately if reaction or irritation occurs. It may stain fabrics or clothing, so test it inconspicuously.


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