Right Angle Weave!

Right Angle Weave!

R.A.W or Right-angle weave, is a fairly easy bead stitch to learn, and often a class of choice for beginner beaders. The stitch is not only simple but extremely flexible and can be used for lots of different purposes, such as surrounding a stone, making a bail for a pendant, or even making an entire bracelet! You can use just about any type of beads, and any style or shape to get totally different effects. Right angle weave is named for the way that the holes of the beads sit at right angle to each other as you are stitching them, and to a trained eye is very easily recognizable.

The stitch is not only simple but extremely flexible
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Commonly, right angle weave is done with two needles, and this is referred to as cross weave. (Because the needles cross each other in opposite directions through the beads. This stitch was invented in Japan, is used in their beadwork pattern called “Hachinoji-ami”

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At Hidden Jewel of the South End, we have two different beginner classes, one for cross weave and one for right angle weave! Both are suitable for beginners, and the cross weave class is the most popular class among our children’s classes, as well as beginner adults!

You can click here to see our available classes anytime!

Right-angle weave is so-named because of the way the beads lie at right angles to one another after stitching them together. 

Hidden Jewel of the South End has several different right angle as well as cross weave bracelets available. Click any of the right angle weave bracelets below to see our entire collection!

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