Smokey Quartz pendant with Sterling silver chain oxidized 20'' necklace

Style: Smokey Quartz pendant , 20'' oxidized Sterling silver Chain

This Smokey Quartz pendant is stunning as it sits nicely on a 20'' oxidized sterling silver chain necklace. The pendant measures approx. 1.5'' x .60'' including the bail . A simple but a statement piece for sure. If you are a huge Smokey Quartz fan and the healing properties of it then this is a great piece for you or someone special. A great everyday necklace and a one of a kind pendent. We thrive to make each of the pendants and jewelry pieces different from one another.

Metaphysical properties
Smokey Quartz is a quartz that has a natural Smokey coloring to it. The golden-brown coloring in Smokey Quartz is caused by natural radiation from the earth where it was formed! like all the other quartz stones, Smokey quartz is a strong grounding stone, that acts softly and slowly. Smokey quartz helps to relieve depression and block out negative energies, increasing happiness and focus. Be sure to also check out our collection of Smokey quartz jewelry!

Key words: Courage, cleansing, meditation, grounding, manifestation, and calm.

Chakras: Root (1st)

Element: Earth

Physical: Balance, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Foot Problems, Migraine , Infertility, Kidney, Legs, Nightmares, Pain Relief, Pancreas Health, Radiation, Remove Toxins, Tumors

Emotional: Eases Depression, Grounding, Reducing Stress, Resentment

Spiritual: Aura Cleansing and Protection, Balances Yang, Earth Healing, blocks Electromagnetic Frequencies, air pollution, Enhances Dreams, Grounding, Psychic Protection, Release and Dispel Negativity,

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