Smokey Quartz & Dendritic Opal Earrings, Sterling Silver lever back dangle earrings


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These stunning earrings were designed with Smokey Quartz faceted gemstones and Dendritic Opal. Both sets of the gemstone sets are faceted / rose cut. Jack then hand forged the earrings using sterling silver which he then wire wrapped / bezel set them and turned them into a dangling sterling silver lever back earrings.  

This opal variety is termed "dendritic" due to its internal collection of dendrites. Dendrites are fern-like inclusions of iron, manganese, or other metallic oxides that create bold patterns within the gem, and give it its cool features! As you might guess, these stones are all one-of-a-kinds, as no two dendritic patterns are exactly the same.

►Metaphysical Properties:

Dendritic Opal can be used healing the past and bringing harmony to the present. It balances masculine and feminine energies, conscious and subconscious, intellect and intuition. Dendritic opal is also known as Merlinite. It often is used to connect you to magic. (hence the name merlinite)

Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones available. It facilitates a deep connection to the energy of the earth and acts as a gentle companion during times of stress. It encourages one to focus on solutions to problems, rather than dwell on their current emotional state. It clears away negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, making it effective stones for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety.  


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