London Blue Topaz and Ammonite Stud Earrings


AAA quality London Blue Topaz trillion 9x9mm and authentic Ammonite Stud Earrings are so stunning and a one of a kind earrings made by us in our studio in the South End, Boston Mass. These earrings are light on the ear and do not droop on the ear lobe. The Ammonites are 110 million year old fossils from the Jurassic period. The Ammonite measure approx. 18 x 15mm and the total length of the earrings are 30mm from top to bottom. 

►Metaphysical Properties
Ammolite Key words: Mood Enhancement, Grounding, Empowerment, Chakra Alignment, and Flexibility. 

Chakras: All

Element: All

Physical: Ammolite assist one with their physical stamina, vitality, and to regulate ones blood pressure. Also, its known for assisting in ones metabolism and align ones chakras. 

Emotional: Has been known to lift ones depression, provide one to feel empowered, and grounded. 

Spiritual: Great stone to mediate with if you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. 

Blue Topaz Key Words: Knowledge, Communication, strength, Meditation, Clarity, and Inner Guidance. 

Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)

Element: Fire

Physical:  Blue Topaz aids one who might experience a sore throat, hyperactive thyroid, and one who has a speech impediment. 

Emotional: Topaz has been known to assist one by using clear communication to express their inner thought. 

SpiritualOne can experience an increased psychic ability, meditation, and have a deeper insight to ones Chakra Alignment.