Frankincense Essential Oil Roller Bottle with Gemstone Crystals


These oil fused Gemstone tumbled chip bottles are great to roll on ......

We offer an assortment of 12 different oil scents and 13 gemstones for you too choose from.  See our other listings for other scents, this one is for Frankincense.

Once you order, your oil scent and the gemstone you select will be combined with 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut oil to complete the beautiful gemstone scented oil roller!

Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura. Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual.

Keep your inspirational stones with you everywhere you go and inspire yourself for something special. Great as unique gift idea to surprise your loved one.

Please choose the following gemstones from the dropdown, and we will fill the bottle with the gemstones of your choice. We have 13 gemstones for you to choose from!

►Metaphysical Properties
1) Amethyst- Faithful love, passion, creativity, intuition, happiness, and spiritual connection. (Crown Chakra)

2) Bloodstone- Rejuvenation, confidence, protection, resilience, and transformation. (Root Chakra)

3) Carnelian- Confidence, true expression, creativity, courage passion, and fiery spirit. (Sacral Chakra)

4) Citrine- Clarity, Focus, inspiration, abundance, centeredness, and optimism. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

5) Peridot- Optimism, peace of mind, spiritual renewal, life force energy, and abundance. (Heart Chakra)

6) Quartz/ Clear- Illumination, clarity, manifestation, positive energy, and spiritual growth. (All Chakra)

7) Quartz/ Rose- Love, happiness, harmony, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. (Heart Chakra)

8)Quartz/ Smokey- Courage, cleansing, meditation, grounding, manifestation, and calm. (Root Chakra)

9) Super Seven- Psychic knowing, guidance, healing, spiritual growth, and contentment. (All Chakra)

10) Iolite- Vision, Recovery, & Intuition (Third Eye Chakra) 

11) Blue Lace Agate- Inner Peace, Expression, & harmony  (Throat Chakra)

12) Red Jasper- Healing, Nurturing, & Stability (Root Chakra)

13) Howlite- Calmness, Sleep, & Meditation (Crown Chakra)

All metaphysical information provided by Hidden Jewel of the South End about gemstones / crystals is solely for spiritual purposes and should not be used for medical advice or treatment. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for any medical concerns you may have.

► All of Jewelry and healing gemstones are carefully packaged for a speedy and safe arrival and is packaged in a gift box tied with a ribbon. all our items are packaged nicely but if you would like to send as a gift, please leave us a note if you want it gift wrapped and with a card!

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Happy shopping!