Fossil Dragonfly Plate #2


This is a fossil Dragonfly plate, Libellulium longialatum. Upper Jurassic. Solnhofen Limestone. Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany

This specimen measures approximately 5.5" x 5" at the widest parts. it is a sort of rectangle shape, with the bottom corners removed.

 The fossil dragonfly Libellulium longialatum is recognizable by the large and powerful structure of its wings, which are very clearly shown in this awesome specimen.  This 150 million year old tile is cut from the famous limestone deposit in Germany known as Solnhofen, which is renowned for producing fossils of exceptional preservation. This "negative" fossil dragonfly has an orangey hue and is situated on an attractive block of tan and orange limestone with an dendritic line below it, that makes me think that the ancient and fossilized dragonfly has just set flight. The overall preservation of this piece is outstanding with the wings and body of the dragonfly outstretched and very well detailed. The tail is also quite interesting. there are several little puffs of flower like material surrounding the dragonfly adding some interest, This tile is in great condition for something being over 150million years old!

Stand included