Lavender Essential Oil Roller Bottle with Gemstone Crystals


These oil fused Gemstone tumbled chip bottles are great to roll on ......
We offer an assortment of 12 different oil scents and 33 gemstones for you too choose from.  See our other listings for other scents, this one is for Lavender.

Once you order, your oil scent and the gemstone you select will be combined with 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut oil to complete the beautiful gemstone scented oil roller!

Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration,emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura. Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual.

Keep your inspirational stones with you everywhere you go and inspire yourself for something special. Great as unique gift idea to surprise your loved one.

Please choose the following gemstones from the dropdown, and we will fill the bottle with the gemstones of your choice. We have 33 gemstones for you to choose from!

If you want to mix, 2 different stones, we can do that for you, just reach out to us after you order.

1) Amethyst- Faithful love, passion, creativity, intuition, happiness, and spiritual connection.

2) Amazonite- Hope, tranquility, anxiety relief, toxic energy release, and true expression.

3) Aquamarine- Rejuvenation, peace, flow, tranquility, inner strength, and freedom.

4) Aventurine / green- Creativity, confidence, hope, stress relief, abundance, and well being.

5) Bloodstone- Rejuvenation, confidence, protection, resilience, and transformation.

6) Chalcedony/ Blue- Creativity, Clear expression, light hardheartedness, optimism, and self- assurance.

7) Calcite/ orange- Healing, balance, creative energy, passion, and positive outlook.

8) Carnelian- Confidence, true expression, creativity, courage passion, and fiery spirit.

9) Citrine- Clarity, Focus, inspiration, abundance, centeredness, and optimism.

10) Emerald-Love, romance wisdom, unity, harmony, intuition, and enhances physic ability.

11) Fluorite- Peace, calm, Bliss, Focus, clearing blockages, grounding, and balance.

12) Garnet- Guidance, emotional well- being, energy clearing, Courage, and protection.

13) Hematite- energizing, grounding, blood cleanings, clarity, focus, and stability.

14) Howlite- Wisdom, calming, insomnia aid, insight, patience, and negative energy release.

15) Jade / Green - opportunity, good fortune, self - confidence, prosperity, awakening, and love.

16) Jasper / Red - Mood stability, comfort, control anxiety relief, action, and opportunity.

17) Labradorite- Inner awareness, Chakra healing, empathy protection, goal and attainment.

18) Lapis Lazuli- Wisdom, awareness, truth, insight, purpose, awakening, and destiny.

19) Malachite- Reflection, transformation, willpower, wisdom, and sensibility.

20) Moonstone / Peach - Love, receptivity, emotional balance, and feminine energy.

21) Moonstone / Rainbow - Intuition, love, fertility, receptivity, renewal, and feminine energy.

22) Morganite- Divine love and compassion.

23) Obsidian/ Black- Personal growth, purification, protection, and self- reflection.

24) Peridot- Optimism, peace of mind, spiritual renewal, life force energy, and abundance.

25) Prehnite- Intuition, healing, flow, expansion, balance, anxiety relief, and love.

26) Quartz/ Clear- Illumination, clarity, manifestation, positive energy, and spiritual growth.

27) Quartz/ Rose- Love, happiness, harmony, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.

28)Quartz/ Smokey- Courage, cleansing, meditation, grounding, manifestation, and calm.

29) Sodalite- Strength, energy, connection to higher self, enlightenment, and confidence.

30) Super Seven- Psychic knowing, guidance, healing, spiritual growth, and contentment.

31) Shungite- Cleansing and purification, infusion of spiritual light, activation of the light body, and adherence to the truth.

32) Tiger Eye / Golden - Physical wellness, protection, grounding, mindfulness, and balanced energy.

33) Tourmaline / Black- Protection, anxiety and stress relief, and negative energy release.

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