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  • Right Angle Weave!

    Right Angle Weave!

    R.A.W or Right-angle weave, is a fairly easy bead stitch to learn, and often a class of choice for beginner beaders. The stich is not only simple but extremely flexible and can be used for lots of different purposes, such as surrounding a stone, making a bail for a pendant, or even making an entire bracelet! You can use just about any type of beads, and any style or shape to get totally different effects. Right angle weave is named for the way that the holes of the beads sit at right angle to each other as you are stitching them, and to a trained eye is very easily recognizable.

    Commonly, right angle weave is done with two needles, and this is referred to as cross weave. (Because the needles cross each other in opposite directions through the beads. This stitch was invented in Japan, is used in their beadwork pattern called “Hachinoji-ami”



     At Hidden Jewel of the South End, we have two different beginner classes, one for cross weave and one for right angle weave! Both are suitable for beginners, and the cross weave class is the most popular class among our children’s classes, as well as beginner adults!

    you can click here to see our available classes anytime!

    Right-angle weave is so-named because of the way the beads lie at right angles to one another after stitching them together. 

    Hidden Jewel of the South End has several different right angle as well as cross weave bracelets available. Click any of the right angle weave bracelets below to see our entire collection!

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    Jack and Stacy

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  • What is Pavé Jewelry anyway?

    What is Pavé Jewelry anyway?

    Fashion insiders everywhere are talking about pavé Jewelry being the newest trend for 2016. The Pave Trend is broadly sweeping across the fashion world! Recent shows in Paris and New York have highlighted pave Jewelry on their models. What is pavé anyway? The term pave is derived from the French word for cobbled road, (pave). For instance “Les rues étaient pavées” or “The streets were cobbled”.


    Pave, or pave actually describes the way stones are set, not the type of stones in the setting itself pave settings are set extremely close together so that the surface looks to be “paved” with stones. Instead of seeing the metal itself you see the brilliant sparkle of the stones set in the metal. This technique is often used on rings, and earrings. So if you are looking for that little extra bit of sparkle in your wardrobe, you might consider something with pave crystals.


    There are several ways of setting pave stones. Traditionally, in items such as rings, many stones of varying sizes and shapes are set into the shank of the ring so they are almost touching and cover much of the surface. The jeweler can use a mix of smaller stones that were otherwise unusable for this technique. The other technique, called micro pave, jewelers will use even smaller, but more uniformly shaped stones. This technique requires the use of a microscope to accurately set them. Micropave is often used in earrings and can be seen in several pave earrings we have made.

    Often larger semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, sapphire, and are highlighted by surrounding them in a setting of pave crystals and then turned into earrings, pendants, or rings.


    Why not get ahead of the trend, and be the first of your friends with some of this jewelry? Click any of the images in this post to view our shop and see what pave offerings Hidden Jewel of the South End, have to offer to update your jewelry collection!

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  • Welcome


    Welcome to the Hidden Jewel Blog! This is our first, in a series of posts about all things Jewelry!

    • Who are we?

    We are Jack and Stacy Connolly, the owners of Hidden Jewel of the South End. Hidden Jewel is the setting for our family's ever-expanding, exciting, creative collaborations...and for yours. Our small boutique store is the setting for the ever-changing, eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces that we create and hand-craft, in the store. We are the best place in Boston to find custom desinged jewelry at reasonable prices. We are your source for Wedding Jewelry and Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts. We also truly love to inspire others to discover thier own inner designer. 

    • What will we be blogging about anyway?

     Here you will find the latest in jewelry fashion and design, from one of the hippest new shops in Boston! we plan to post about hip new jewelry, whats in and whats out, as well as new designs at the store. We also plan to post about general jewelry making tips and tricks for begginners to advanced jewelry artists! We are starting this blog as a place for jewelry lovers of all sorts to learn about what is going on in Boston, as well as at or store in the South End of Boston.

    • How often should you expect to see something?

    We plan to post new topics at least once every week.

    • How can you contact us?

    If you wish to contact us, become a guest contributor or leave feedback on the blog, just shoot us an email at hiddenjewelse@gmail.com.

    visit our website at www.hiddenjewelse.com

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